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Are you in the wholesale market for a new French Press Coffee Maker? Regardless of your French Press coffee needs, you’re certain to find something that sparks your interest within our vast collection of French Presses products.

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What is a french press coffee maker?

How to choose French Press Coffee?Also known as French filter press pot, tea maker
French press coffee maker: a simple brewing device that originated in France around 1850 and is composed of a heat-resistant glass bottle (or transparent plastic) and a metal filter with a pressure rod. At first, it was mostly used for brewing black tea, so some people call it a tea maker.
The principle of using a pressure pot to brew coffee: use the method of soaking, and release the essence of coffee through the braising method in which water and coffee powder are fully contacted.
Applicable coffee: coffee powder of both strong and light taste.
Grinding degree: coarse granular.

Steps for usage
1. Warm the filter press pot and coffee cup with hot water.
2. Pull out the filter press group of the filter press pot. Pour out the water in the filter press pot, and put about 20 grams of coffee powder in the pot.
3. The filter press pot is placed at an angle of 45 degrees. Slowly pour in 200ml of hot water at about 95 degrees and let it stand for 3-4 minutes.
4. Stir the coffee powder with a bamboo stick to make the coffee oil mixed in it float to the top.
5. Put on the filter set, press it down gently, and then pour the coffee into the warmed coffee cup!
French press pot use process diagram
6. Whether you add your favorite milk or sugar, a cup of freshly ground coffee can be born like this!

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