How long is the steaming time of the French Press

The process of brewing involves moistening the ground coffee with twice the amount of water to emit excess carbon dioxide and improve extraction. Generally, the process of boiling is only used in the drip filter type hand washing method (cake cup, V60, etc.), while the process of boiling is rarely used in the immersion type hand washing method for the French press. I think I want to ask the brewing time
It is a very wise choice to use a French press when it is the first time to make coffee by hand. However, even a French press needs to know some basic knowledge of hand-made coffee to enjoy the beauty of coffee.
The first is coffee beans. It is also very correct to buy beans and grind them before brewing, to ensure good freshness. But it takes a little more work to pick the beans. The coffee town’s decanol 9 is an espresso bean, which is used to make the espresso base of espresso coffee and is usually more than medium-roasted, with the darker roast taking away much of the flavor of the beans themselves and becoming more chocolate-like, nutty, and somewhat bitter. So espresso beans are not really good for hand-brewed coffee, which is designed to express the special flavor of the beans.
Then there is the water temperature, which is not recommended for making coffee with freshly boiled water. Because too high water temperature will bring out more bad taste (bitter and woody taste is particularly obvious), usually hand brew coffee water temperature will be between 86 and 94, the same coffee beans in different water temperature will have different performance, you can refer to your own time to feel specific.
Then is the degree of grinding, grinding of coffee beans does not mean grinding into powder, different brewing methods should use different degrees of grinding, in general, the longer the brewing time (such as a soaking type) needs to be coarser grinding, to avoid the phenomenon of over-extraction.
The ratio of powder to water is also an important parameter. I see the question did not mention, I will also say, generally speaking, the powder water ratio of 1:15 is more general, but the specific ratio can be adjusted according to your specific subjective feelings.
And then at the end of the question — time. Many articles on French press brewing (or business introductions) will mention 4-5 minutes of brewing time, but this is not very accurate because the premise of these articles is to use very coarse abrasives. In my opinion, the French press is more suitable for a slightly coarser grind than granulated sugar, and the brewing time is 3 minutes to 3 and a half minutes
I hope it helps you.

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