We try this simple trick that promises to make instant coffee taste like a fresh brew

For all the caffeine addicts out there, there’s nothing like a cup of Joe to start the morning. But what if all you have on hand is instant coffee?

Well, according to one Japanese barista, you can make your instant cuppa taste just like freshly brewed coffee with one simple trick.

Masafumi Oyama, the owner of Mafumi Coffee in Tokyo, tells SoraNews24 that all you have to do is pass your coffee between two pots and skim the residue that forms on the surface.

What you’ll need:
Instant coffee (Mafumi recommends Nescafe Gold Blend)
Hot water
Two pots
A strainer

  1. Mix your instant coffee with hot water and stir until fully dissolved
  2. Pour the coffee from one pot to the other
  3. Using your strainer, skim off the residue that forms on the surface of your coffee
  4. Repeat once or twice

While Mafumi is “not quite sure what the scientific principles behind it are”, he posits that the final result tastes better as the skimming helps to remove impurities.

Does it work?
We’re not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but the final result does taste a little less bitter than normal. The entire process also helped cool down our coffee much quicker than usual no more burning our tongues on scalding hot coffee.

But in our opinion, the tiny improvement in taste isn’t worth the hassle. We’ll gladly take our bitter instant coffee over extra dishes to wash any time.

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