“French Press” What comes to mind when you see this word?
One may think of Agence France-Presse, another of the French media, but the first thing that comes to mind for coffee drinkers is the French press.
Coffee has been an important drink of life and social tool in the Western world for hundreds of years, even driving the development of social thought. It is undoubtedly the darling and darling of the people. Chinese people do not have a long history of drinking coffee. Coffee is like a “baby” in swaddling clothes, but many people have appeared a coffee appliance used to make tea, that is, the “French pressure pot”.
For home users, the smart cup, the French presser, and the Chemex would be three of the most convenient coffee appliances. But in the trend of minimalism is flourishing today, if you want to give full play to the function of objects and increase the connection between people and objects in use, then the French press must be the first choice. In addition to coffee, tea and juice can be easily made with a presser. In James Hoffman’s Map of the World’s Coffee, he calls the French press “the underrated way to make coffee.” Therefore, the “French Press”, which has been ignored by us, may bring us different surprises.
Speaking of French presser, we have to talk about its history. There are two key words: “accident” and “patent”.
◆ Unexpected work
The invention of the French press is a very interesting story. A Frenchman was making coffee and poured it in before the water was boiling. When he realized it, it was too late. If the water boils, the coffee grounds float to the surface and the coffee becomes undrinkable.
Then he had an idea and bought a piece of wire mesh from a passing Italian businessman. He placed the wire mesh over a boiling pot, pressed it down with the coffee grounds with a stick, and poured out the coffee.

What happens to this cup of coffee? He expected it to be bad, but it turned out to be a surprise. The Frenchman and the Italian businessman tasted it and both agreed that it was the best coffee of the “time”.
The French pressure pot was not invented for the purpose of condoning human “laziness” like other appliances. It was the result of an “accident” and became a new way of making coffee.

◆ Patent disputes
Compared with the invention of the French press, what makes the future generations more relish is the development of its “patent”.
In 1852, two Frenchmen, Mayer and Delforge, founded the “Smith” company, applied for the patent of the piston filter coffee appliance, and named this product “French Press”.
Shortly after the arrival of the French Press in Italy, two Italians, Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta, registered their own patent for the modifications and improvements made to the original French Press. Instead of defining the French Press as a container, they declared it to be an espresso machine.
Both the French “Smith” brothers’ patents and the Italian “Gang of Two” adjustments are merely tweaks to the “original product”. The presser we see today was made by Faliero Bondanini in 1958. He added a strainer and rotatable mesh to the lid, making it easier to use the presser to brew tea and coffee. This time the big adjustment, let this type is named Chambord method press is popular in Europe.
Chambord, which was transformed and patented by Faliero Bondanini, was acquired by Danish family firm Bodum in 1994. To this day, the Bodum pressure pot is still the star product of the Bodum Company.

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